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About The Big Shot

The Big Shot is a creative, content and marketing agency based in London.

How did you hear about Bloggers Required?

We were looking for a way to increase our blogger engagement for our clients, and came across Bloggers Required via search.

Can you briefly overview the scope of the assignment which you wanted bloggers to help you with?

We work with Harper Collins to promote some of their upcoming fiction, including young adult, teen fiction and children’s releases. We love working with bloggers to review the titles, sometimes before we deliver the rest of the content marketing campaign.

Blogging assignment created:

Examples of published releases by The Big Shot >

Blogging assignment: Reading a book aimed at teenage girls – Taming of The Tights by Louise Rennison – 53 blogger responses

Blogging assignment: The School For Good and Evil. A new children’s book – 39 blogger responses

Blogging assignment: Geek Girl 3 – Book Reviews and Competitions – 66 blogger responses

How many bloggers did you choose to work with, via connections from Bloggers Required?

On average around the 15 to 20 mark.

What sort of coverage have you achieved?

We work with the bloggers to deliver honest coverage – but more often than not, they LOVE the books.

Can you name any specific business results you’ve achieved, as a result of sourcing bloggers from Bloggers Required?

Enhanced SEO is an obvious benefit – it is great when users search for the title to see a number of positive reviews.

But more than that, the endorsement / opinion of a ‘trusted friend’ works brilliantly in books – particularly when it is one parent endorsing a book to other parents.

Would you use Bloggers Required again? If so why?

Yes – it is a tremendous way to get a number of social influencers that are KEEN to work with your product or service.

Client quote:

A useful tool which can work as an addition to content marketing campaigns. Which content marketing campaign wouldn’t benefit from a number of social influencers expressing an interest and a desire to work with a product or on a campaign?

– James Erskine, Strategy Director, The Big Shot

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