We have put this quick Q&A together to help you figure out if you would like to use the Bloggers Required “Private” feature for your assignments.

Q. Bloggers Required assignments can now be kept private. Why might I want to do that?

A. If you are an agency and are working with a company that likes to be kept out of the public eye, or if you do not want your client to know you are using this service for your blogger outreach needs.

Q. How do I keep my assignment private?

A. On the blogging assignment form, simply click the button that says “Keep my assignment private”.

Q. Who gets to see my assignment if it is private?

A. Your assignment will only be featured on the email newsletter*, which is viewed by bloggers who have signed up to receive the blogging assignments newsletter.

Q. What happens if I do not use the ‘Private’ assignment option?

A. Your assignment will be featured on the Bloggers Required site, Twitter feed, Facebook page and via the blogging assignments newsletter.

If you have any further questions please get in touch, and we hope you find this feature useful.

*Although your private assignment is only featured on the Bloggers Required newsletter, it is also hosted privately on our site, but not indexed in searches. Therefore the assignment link could be potentially shared via newsletter subscribers who have the link to the private page. However, we do strongly encourage newsletter subscribers not to share the link socially. 



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