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Blogging assignment: A Christmas jumper for a cow (Worldwide bloggers)


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Send a Cow works with poor families in seven African countries, providing practical farming assistance that will last for generations to come and supporting families through every step of their journey out of poverty. The charity also offers a range of virtual Christmas gifts for people to buy for African farming families.

The most popular gift this Christmas is Little Donkey, a £9 package that helps poor African families care for their donkeys, which often help them transport goods to and from the market.

Other gifts include Send a Hen (£7), Send a Little Donkey (£9), Send a Tap (£10)… and even a Send a Semen Straw (£5), which gives African families the chance to reproduce newborn cows!

Send a Cow’s Christmas catalogue is available in print and online – or call 01225 874222.

What is the blogging assignment?

To encourage people to think differently about the gifts they buy this festive season, as well as raise awareness of it’s Christmas catalogue, the charity has created the first ever Christmas jumper for a real cow!

The jumper captures the wild and wacky nature of Christmas jumpers, whilst also showcasing some of the catalogue gifts, which help raise much-needed funds for poverty-stricken families in the poorest parts of Africa, including chickens, cows and vegetable patches.

The blogging assignment is to spread the word about the Christmas jumper by sharing the pictures and story, as well as some information about the charity’s Christmas gifts.

What type of blogs are you looking for?

Any bloggers who would like to get involved and spread this charitable word at Christmas!

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How else might you compensate the blogger?

This is a charity campaign so we obviously would appreciate any interested bloggers’ help. That being said, we have a limited number of (human sized) Christmas jumpers specially designed by Send a Cow to give away to bloggers who post about the campaign.

Get in touch to find out more.

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18 Dec 2014

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