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Lena Ski | SuperNova Sessions

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With a background in Television, Theatre, Events and Entertainment (specifically the Music Industry), I know what it takes to be a star in the leading role of a great script. I also know just how scary it can be to claim your power and take centre stage. After several years working the angles of these industries, I felt stuck. I know there was something greater that I needed to contribute. With that, I took a pause from the world of flash and did some deep soulful searching while completing my certification to become a Life Coach (something I ALWAYS talked about). As that deepened it brings me to today and the launch of my crowd funding campaign.

I’ve written a book (inspired by soul work and some amazing mentors) and I’m working on the SuperNova Online Coaching Program as we speak. It’s part freebie – part online grouping sessions to help purpose centred entrepreneurs embrace their calling, share it with the world, and transform the lives of their audience. Truth is, I need your help to finish it. I need your help attracting attention to this so that great things can happen for all of us.

What is the blogging assignment?

Desired Result:
The main focus is to draw more traffic towards my crowd funding campaign and secure more purchases.

Access Point:
It’s a calling for purpose centred entrepreneurs to step into the truth of who they really are, and what they have been called here to do. It’s a chance for hero’s to be made (angel investors) or for people to embrace their own greatness. We want people to celebrate the idea of being able to create the life and business they want. We want people to feel supported in their journey of transforming the lives of their audience. We want to invite people into a community. They get to have an upfront experience of what it means to be a SuperNova – and get rewarded for their investment into this program.

Blog Ideas:
Reviewing the book (note it has not been editing yet) to promote the essence of it , Interviews / Podcasts about SuperNova Concept, What it means to embrace your greatness (see my blogsite for references), The Crowd Funding Campaign as a main focus, other.

Offerings to your readers in exchange for contributions :
– Coaching Tools
– 90 – 180 min Coaching Sessions (from as little as $48 dollars per session )
– Copy of book (eBook)
– Gratitude (see other rewards online)
– access to the online launch party

see more info here (mandatory link to be included)
or on my blogsite

What type of blogs are you looking for?

Bloggers that speak to personal development / entrepreneurship / marketing / lifestyle as all these elements are incorporated into the program. This would need to be the main theme of their blog … and they should have an engaged audience who are looking for answers in these areas of their lives.

I’d like to connect with influencers in these arenas and ideally people with a notable social media following. (min 1000 followers / mailing list size) I’m looking to connect with bloggers who are passionate about the bigger story and not just publishing a press release on their sites.

Preferred geographic location of the blogger:


How might you compensate the blogger?

Get in contact for more details

How else might you compensate the blogger?

Access to Coaching resources
Access to a copy of my book once published
Access to Coaching Sessions (rewards in exchange for investment)
Gratitude ….
Possibility of getting interviewed as a SuperNova *

Assignment close date:

25 April 2014

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This assignment has now FINISHED and is CLOSED.

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