Brand or business name:

Please tell us about the product or company you would like the blogger’s help with? is launching in April and will be designed to serve both whisky drinkers and whisky gifters (those who buy whisky for others).

What is the blogging assignment?

*** IMPORTANT TO NOTE *** This is for blog posts to be written and submitted as guest posts on the site, not to be published on your site although I would expect a link on your site to the post, as such links back to your site and social networks are allowed, please submit either an HTML formatted post or MS Word formatted post. is launching in April and needs ‘whisky stories’ from people who are either avid whisky drinkers or people who often buy whisky as gifts for people in their lives who are whisky drinkers.

Ideally the stories will be 500-600 words and can be anything whisky related really.

Topic ideas:
– a review of a whisky you’ve tasted (I ask that these are not just from a liquid perspective but also takes into account the design, the information on the label and the box if there is one)

– Top whiskies for beginners looking to learn about whisky

– Top ten whisky bars in London (not just their google or about page but please have a unique opinion and provide links / address details)

– Differences in different types of whisky (either by region or by taste)

*** Important *** – each post must be unique and be supplied with either images you own / have taken (full credit will be given) or creative commons images that relate to what you are saying, all must be high resolution.

What type of blogs are you looking for?

  • Luxury
  • Lifestyle
  • Whisky bloggers if possible

Ideally people who have blogged for a while

Preferred geographic location of the blogger:


How might you compensate the blogger?


How else might you compensate the blogger?


Assignment close date:

21 March 2014

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This assignment has now FINISHED and is CLOSED.

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