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Blogging assignment: New AdTech Startup: Creative Giveaway For Your Site!

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Often the case with innovation, as a team, we developed PubPoolr several years ago out of our own necessity to tap into premium remnant markets. Running a website ourselves, we quickly faced the, ‘How do we monetize?’ question. In our explorations, we discovered the best options were in a sense ‘out of reach’ for our team, which is when we buckled down and became our own solution.

Over the past few years, we’ve simplified things down into a (stand alone) boutique product that we felt comfortable offering up to other site owners.

Once we were able to run with consistent success for roughly 50-ish premium content creators, we made a decision to brand PubPoolr and bring the product to the masses!

Our aim, open up premium programmatic remnant markets to publishers who would otherwise be restricted (due to size, not quality) access, in a simple way!

What is the blogging assignment?

We actually just decided to begin a new quarterly contest, that we hope will really make a statement regarding what our brand is really about…

It is called Application Appreciation, and what it actually means is that we really are appreciative of every potential customer that takes interest in our brand. So, instead of running a boring apply page form, we turned it into an actually contest that anybody who applies to PubPoolr is automatically entered into.

At the end of every quarter, we run a drawing of every single applicant that took their time to check us out, and say Thank You! by choosing (25) winners to receive a 100% payout for an entire quarter!

Each winner can also “share the love” by referring up to (5) of their website owning friends to join in their prize.

Who said ‘Keepin it Simple’ can’t be fun!

What type of blogs are you looking for?

To help with the FTC revised endorsement guidelines, we are more than willing to get any blogger interested in aligning themselves with PubPoolr up and running immediately @ 100% PayOut for (1) month trial test.

This way, if you are interested, you can get hands on experience with our product and our team prior to engaging in an editorial!

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How might you compensate the blogger?

Getting to keep the product

How else might you compensate the blogger?

Beyond having the opportunity to run (1) month at full revenue share payout (typically 80:20), we will also extend a full Quarter of the same to any blogger who promotes our Application Appreciation contest and Apply Page.

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29 June 2014

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