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Blogging assignment: New platform for writers and bloggers | Fluence Beta invitation

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Here’s the story of how we started Fluence

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A Service Designed For You

We recently built a platform called Fluence ( to help writers, bloggers, media curators, and people like you connect to those in the creative community who are seeking your attention and feedback. Fluence saves you time and makes it easy to review new media sent specifically to you. We layout more about the benefits of Fluence here:

Our mission at Fluence is to amplify and reward people’s natural inclination to help each other with their media. Give and get the help you need. You can set your own terms for engagement and filter the media you want to consider. You can choose to earn for your time, give feedback for free, or donate to charity. You’re 100% in control.

Watch our video here to learn more:

Writers and bloggers from The Guardian, BBC, Gigoam, Salon, Mashable, Paste Magazine, Vice, and many others use Fluence. You can browse profiles here ( and create one yourself when you sign up for a beta account here:

Let me know if you have any questions or need more information. We’d love to have you on the platform.


Alan Poyer
Fluence | | @fluence_app

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We started out specifically supporting music blogs, and have since opened up to technology, arts, fashion, culture, film, business, home/lifestyle, and any writers who would like to receive submissions on their own terms.

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To show our appreciation for joining the beta platform, we will send you your first paid media submission to review. Once your free account is setup you can begin receiving more paid submissions from creators, brands, and PR people already using the platform.

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17 Dec 2014

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