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For the first time ever, victims of bullying can share their stories, seek support, and “fight back.”, created by a former bully victim James McGibney, is the ONLY website of it’s kind and is sparking a national dialogue helping to end bullying & cyber-bullying.

Bullyville recently launched a feature called @BullyBlast where victims of cyber-bullying can expose their bully by posting a photo of the exchange (facebook, twitter, email, etc.)

What is the blogger assignment?

We are looking for bloggers interested in writing about This can take the form of a story or a Q&A with any of the below:

– James McGibney — Founder and former bully victim
– Becca Tobin — Head “Cheerio” on Glee and Bullyville spokesperson
– John Dodson — Elite UFC flighter and Bullyville spokesperson
– DJ Ashba — Lead guitarist Guns n Roses and Bullyville spokesperson
– Jillian Rose Reed — Star of MTV’s Awkward and has exclusively shared her story on Bullyville

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Any blog that explores issues surrounding bullying, new websites, celebrities and hot topics. We are open to any blogger who wants to write about us in some capacity.

All bloggers who run a post will receive a link back on (our views top 1 mil + per day)

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How else might you compensate the blogger?

All bloggers who run a post will receive a link back on (our views top 1 mil + per day) and receive twitter love!

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23 March 2013

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This assignment has now FINISHED and is CLOSED. However, if you felt this brief looked interesting and you would like us to forward your details should it re-open, please click here to add your contact detail here.



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