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Lugert Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

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FORTE is a score writing program for Microsoft Windows. FORTE allows the user to input, edit and print music notation. The user can input notes by using the mouse, computer keyboard or a MIDI keyboard. FORTE Premium also enables the user to scan scores to the software.
FORTE comes in four editions: FORTE Basic, FORTE Home and FORTE Premium. We also provide the free version FORTE Free. Special licenses for schools, teachers and students are also available.

What is the blogging assignment?

Write a review of FORTE on your blog. We will send you the full version of FORTE Hoome worth $ 99 to do that.

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Music related blogs, software related blogs

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How might you compensate the blogger?

Getting to keep the product

How else might you compensate the blogger?

We provide the full version FORTE Home worth $ 99.

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24 June 2014

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This assignment has now FINISHED and is CLOSED.

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