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New Release
December 2014

– South African firm Sir Fruit teams up with a fashion designer to create a Father Christmas costume that reduces heatstroke

Non-stop cheerfulness, creating a magical experience for thousands of children and handling demanding parents are just a few skills required of any Santa. However, this year, spare a thought for poor Mr Claws who faces risk of heatstroke in 40 degrees heat when visiting the Southern Hemisphere.

In a bid to turn “hot, hot, hots” into ‘ho, ho, hos’, Sir Fruit has teamed up with a South African fashion designers and a work wear manufacturer to design a summer suit for Santa.

The new ‘Summer Santa work-wear’ opts for natural, light fibers such as a pair of comfy linen trousers and a loose fitting cotton shirt. Saint Nicholas also sports some natural leather sandals; UV protected sunglasses and traded his fleece and fur cap for a lightweight Panama hat.

The year on year rise in the number of heatstroke casualties of Santa impersonators in the Southern Hemisphere as a result of global warming has prompted Sir Fruit to launch a ‘Keep Santa Cool’ campaign this Christmas.

Sir Fruit’s marketing manager, Roanne Golsmith said, “The Northern Hemisphere conveniently forgets that we have our Christmas at the height of summer. Every year we have to spray fake snow in our windows and pretend we know what roasting chestnuts taste like. No one wants to drink egg-nog when it’s 40 degrees outside. And the worst off is Santa…” chimes.

Santa’s traditional outfit, usually made from deer-leather, fleece, velvet and fur are well suited for the North Pole – where the temperatures over Christmas can drop to minus 30 degrees celsius.

“This attire is clearly not suited for the Southern Hemisphere, with our sweltering Christmas holidays, it’s a wonder how Santa has survived for so long!”

Sir Fruit is also calling on all Southern hemisphere inhabitants to help Keep Santa Cool by leaving Santa a refreshing Sir Fruit fruit juice and some cool watermelon instead of milk and cookies.


SIR FRUIT is an independent entity owned by the 3 Baker brothers and Vijay Loosen.

SIR FRUIT uses only the best juicing fruit southern Africa has to offer. Most of their fruit juice is made using whole fruit (fruit pulp), meaning each flavour contains more of the original fruit. Due to the sensitive nature of their products, it has to be kept chilled. As it is real fruit it is very sensitive, a lot like fresh milk – that’s why you’ll only find it in the fridge.

SIR FRUIT is available nationally in SA’s top retail stores, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.

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To comment or review the newly designed summer suit for Father Christmas.
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We will send them a Christmas card to say thank you in 2015.

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25 Dec 2014

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