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OAXIS is the maker of the world’s first E-Ink Screen Case for Smartphones called the InkCase.

We pride ourselves with designing and producing quality consumer electronics for the masses. Our key selling points are a combination of DESIGN + INNOVATION + TECHNOLOGY

OAXIS have won over 20 global iF Product Design awards, making us the go-to brand.

What is the blogging assignment?

We would like you to do a review. Here’s the catch, we will give you a generous commission for every single sale.

To outline the products:
1) InkCase i6 – a 4.3″ E Ink phone case for iPhone 6/6s. It functions as a eReader, Widget (activity tracking, weather, calendar, to-do, agendas), photo wallpaper and many more.

2) Bento Speaker – a wireless speaker that uses induction technology to amplify sound from any smartphones. No cables, no bluetooth, no NFC, no wife. All you need to do is to place your phone on the speaker pad and it automatically amplify the sound. Ideally, it can be used in a business setting for conference calls.

3) AirScale – Beautifully designed Luggage Scale that has an inbuilt 6,500mAh portable charger. Ideal for travelers and business travels.

So here’s how it’s gonna work:
1) We send you our products free of charge
2) You do a review of it on your blog/social media/youtube
3) You do a give-away to your readers (helps you to gain engagement and follows)
4) You offer your readers 10-15% off our products (we will do up a discount code exclusively tagged to you)
5) For every sale sold using your promotional code, we will give you 10-15% commission of the product price.
6) Example: The cost of InkCase i6 is $129. If your readers use your code, they will get 10% off. Similarly, you will receive 10% of the cost of the product. 10% x $129 = $12.9
7) At the end of every quarter, we will reimburse you.

You can choose to review 1 product of your choice or 2 products or all of them. But of course, if you could review them all, you will get more remuneration.


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