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Blogging assignment: US/UK Bloggers needed to promote new web developer boot camp offering

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TECHBOOTCAMPS offers a unique program that takes a student from a ‘beginner’ to an employable Drupal Web Developer in 8 weeks.

We believe that the goal of education should be to help people find jobs. We also believe that education shouldn’t cost as much as a home. And we firmly believe that everyone learns at a different pace, and that the role of an educational endeavor should allow for different speeds of learning.

It’s really up to the student. We do this with a modified “flipped classroom” approach, but you can think of us more as a Meetup on steroids.

In the early weeks, cohorts work through our video lectures in class. As they progress – AT THEIR PACE – our mentors help them over the obstacles they will (most definitely) encounter along the way. And within a few weeks, they will be designing their first websites, with our mentors helping them to accomplish their individual website goals. Our primary focus is to “convert knowledge into wisdom” by taking cohorts on a learning journey through the building of websites – versus listening to lectures. We call this project-based learning. Does it work? Think about how you’ve learned any other skill. In fact, Stanford uses this “flipped classroom” approach in their Medical School to teach future doctors.

What is the blogging assignment?

We need help promoting this new training endeavor in Atlanta from 2/9/2015 to 4/3/2015 . Average Drupal Developer salaries in Atlanta have risen dramatically to $116,000 per year (source: Drupal is the “open source” platform under over 1 million websites, including high-trafficked sites like FedEx, NBCUniversal, the White House, Whole Foods, Harvard, MIT, and many other prestigious organizations. There are currently over 17,000 open Drupal Developer jobs available. Our price for this 8-week endeavor are as low as $3900 (see website: for details).

What type of blogs are you looking for?

We need help from all types of education bloggers, parenting bloggers, and ‘alternative’ education bloggers. We would like to hear from US bloggers, or bloggers with a US audience. We would love to have bloggers from Atlanta, GA, USA, or surrounding areas. We’d also invite area bloggers to drop by our boot camp on Fridays, to monitor our students’ progress in our afternoon weekly wrap-up.

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United States

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How else might you compensate the blogger?

If a student indicates that they found out about our boot camp from your blogging efforts, by using your name in the “referred by” field, we will pay a $200 finders fee.

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13 Jan 2015

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