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Explore some common questions that bloggers have asked us in the past.

Q. If a brand contacts me, what should I do next?

A. Blogger tips for beginning work with a brand

If you have been selected to work with a brand on a recent blogging assignment, here are a few tips to ensure the relationship goes smoothly…

  1. Be clear on what you promised to deliver in your blogging assignment pitch
  2. Make sure you have a good understanding of what the brand requires you to do, preferably in writing, before you begin work
  3. Have a clear understanding of the compensation being offered, if any, and if you’re unsure, seek clarification from the brand
  4. If part of the arrangement requires you to have a product on loan, be clear on when it needs to be returned, and via which postage method. Be clear on whether you will be compensated for any postage costs.
  5. Send the brand any T&Cs you might have, including payment T&Cs if applicable.
  6. Make sure your reviews are fair and balanced. If after reviewing a product you find you are extremely dissatisfied with it, discuss your feedback with the brand and give them the right to reply, before publishing a scathing review.
  7. Be impartial. If you have any affiliation with the brand or its competitors (for example, you write content for a competing brand), make sure you disclose that relationship at the start.
  8. Keep to the agreed timeframes. If the brand has set a publishing deadline, do you best to meet it, and let them know if it is unrealistic or if you are going to be late.
  9. If the assignment involves the travel to an event, be clear in advance if your expenses will be reimbursed.
  10. If you cannot agree on the way forward, be polite, thank the brand and walk away.
  11. Check out our advice on ethical blogging for the UK and US.

Q. What is the difference between and

Bloggers Required US will only host blogging assignments for US and Canadian bloggers. It will also feature worldwide assignments, which any blogger can apply for. will continue to host all other blogging assignments, including those for UK, European and worldwide bloggers, and any other blogging assignments for territories outside of the US and Canada.

Q. What information should I add when pitching for a blogging assignment?

A. Here are 10 top tips on how to pitch for a blogging assignment.

Q. Where can we get more help?

A. Use the contact form provided.

Q. Do you have a cookies policy?

A. Yes. You can find it here.

Q. Do you have a privacy policy?

A. Yes. Please read our T&Cs

Q. Who writes the blogging assignments?

A. The brand who submits the assignment. Bloggers Required does not have any input into the blogging assignments submitted and published.

Q. When is the newsletter sent out?

A. You will receive the newsletter once per week, every Monday at 11am GMT. If there are no new assignments to showcase the newsletter will not be sent out.

Q. Why should we sign-up for the newsletter?

A. Get a round-up of our featured assignments that have been published this week to see if any are a good match with your blog. The newsletter will also feature EXCLUSIVE blogging assignments not featured on the Bloggers Required site.

To be the first to know about new assignments as soon as they are published on the site, please  ALSO  follow us on Twitter and ‘Like’ our Facebook page.

Q. What happens if the blogger and brand get into a dispute?

A. We don’t want to know! We just act as the facilitator, a kind of introduction service.

You should always let the brand know your own blogging T&Cs, before you commence work with them.

Q. What is ethical blogging?

A. Our assignments may contain opportunities which involve the receiving of products for review (which you may be able to keep), the offer of complimentary services, free trips or event tickets, or some sort of financial renumeration, in exchange for publishing a piece of written or photographic content on your blog.

How you keep things above board is an ever evolving topic, but with the growing level of influence that bloggers are having over consumer decision-making and purchases, it makes sense that you fully disclose any incentive or payment that you’ve received as part of a written review. Read more.

Q. I have just found an assignment that my blog is a good fit for, but there are no contact details on it.

A. All assignments have a cut-off date on them. Once this has passed the assignment is ‘closed’ so you cannot contact the brand or business. The brand could also have found enough bloggers already and decided to close the assignment early.

Q. What is the best way to search for assignments?

A. Either search using the categories on the sidebar or via the search bar.

Q. Should I contact the brand/business with my blog details even if they are not a match with the assignment?

A. NO. Never submit your details for assignments that are not a good fit with your blog. This will only end up annoying the assignment owner and could get you blacklisted from this site!

Q. What happens when we respond to a blogging assignment?

A. Your details are sent to the brand or business. It is then up to the brand or business to contact you and follow-up. Bloggers Required has no further input at this point.

Most blogging assignments are very competitive. We advise brands to respond to you if you are successful or not. However, don’t be put off if they don’t. Just work on making your blog better for next time!

Q. I responded to an assignment and did not hear back

A. The brand/business could have been inundated with responses, so they most likely cherry-picked the best ones. Don’t worry, concentrate on improving your blog with engaging content and you will be picked next time for sure!

Most blogging assignments are very competitive. We advise brands to respond to you if you are successful or not. However, don’t be put off if they don’t. Just work on making your blog better for next time!

Q. How do I find out about new assignments?

A. You can do this in a number of ways. Visit the site every day, subscribe via email or RSS, follow us on Twitter or by joining us on Facebook.

Q. What is in it for the blogger?

A. You get to work with brands, businesses and start-ups relevant to your blog and interests. The author of the assignment might also provide some sort of compensation for your time, which could be payment, or to allow you to keep reviewed products.


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