Mango Salute blogger outreach case study

About Mango Salute 

Mango Salute – – is the online tool offering Fine Art Cards from a community of creative contributors in over 30 countries. The brand combines the tradition of a physical greeting card with modern digital communication and delivers directly to worldwide destinations.

How did you hear about Bloggers Required?

We found about the concept online, will researching influencers and bloggers for our new brand.

Can you briefly overview the scope of the assignment which you wanted bloggers to help you with?

We’re a Fine Art Card company which curates designs from artists around the world, and allows users to personalise these with their own photos and words, and video messages via a QR code. Ahead of Christmas, we wanted to offer global bloggers the chance to create their festive cards and personal messages and trial the service with bulk orders. We also asked them to get creative with their videos and tell us what they loved about Mango Salute’s designs in their review posts. We also gave bloggers a discount code to share with their followers.

Blogging assignment created:

Blogging assignment: Share personalised Fine Art Cards with your followers over the holidays (Worldwide bloggers)

How many bloggers did you choose to work with, via connections from Bloggers Required?

We worked with eight bloggers in total, with other contacts saved for future campaigns.

What sort of coverage have you achieved or hoping to achieve?

We’ve had a range of posts and reviews so far, which have all been excellent at communicating the Mango Salute values and showcasing our creative concept. It was great to work with a cross section of bloggers, from Mums and parenting to young fashion bloggers and international talent.

Would you use Bloggers Required again? If so why?

Yes definitely, Bloggers Required is great at connecting a brand to relevant online influencers and as a global company, we appreciated the international contacts that came to us via the service.


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