Blogging assignment: Worldwide Womens Fashion Bloggers Needed for Leopard Print Coat Review

About Same Apparel

Same Apparel is a bargain fashion clothes retailer aimed at getting the customer the best quality fashion for the lowest cost.

How did you hear about Bloggers Required?

We were looking for ways to advertise our fashion apparel when we came across Bloggers Required. After reading about the way they worked with bloggers we knew we had to give it a go!

Can you briefly overview the scope of the assignment which you wanted bloggers to help you with?

We were looking for bloggers to make a simple and honest review about our product on their blog, as well as posting on their social media accounts. In return we let them have the £20 coat for free.

Blogging assignment created:

Blogging assignment: Worldwide Womens Fashion Bloggers Needed for Leopard Print Coat Review

How many bloggers did you choose to work with, via connections from Bloggers Required?

We chose to work with 8 bloggers that had a rather large following that we connected with via Bloggers Required. They were spread out through Europe and America from Israel to Italy to the UK.

What sort of coverage have you achieved or hoping to achieve?

We have had good coverage so far gaining more outreach to our product. The reviews have been excellent, and the links to our website as well as the item is working well.

Can you name any specific business results you’ve achieved, as a result of sourcing bloggers from Bloggers Required?

We have had more sales as a direct result of the blogs, and gained more followers on our social media accounts, we hope to continue working with the bloggers and with Bloggers Required in the future.

Would you use Bloggers Required again? If so why?

I would 100% use Bloggers Required again. Why? Because they are honest, upfront, quick, and effective. They returned any enquires I had within a few hours and delivered exactly what they promised. All in all a great experience!

Client quote:

Bloggers Required is a one of a kind service, effectively connecting small businesses to the social web without using traditional advertising methods.

– Will, Social Media Manager at Same Apparel

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