Brand or business name:

Scienz Group LLC

Please tell us about the product or company you would like the blogger’s help with?

Our product is a drinking game targeting 18-35 yr old audience. It is a unique twist on beer pong where the ball is launched by a catapult and the cups are shot cups and the game folds up and is portable.

What is the blogging assignment?

Product review that would help direct traffic to our website. We could do a giveaway of some sort as well.

What type of blogs are you looking for?

Looking for blogs that target younger audiences, party themed whether your typical big college party or backyard bbq’s we have a pretty wide audience as long as they like drinking games, more importantly, beer pong.

Preferred geographic location of the blogger:

USA and Canada

Preferred geographic location of the blogger (US States)


How might you compensate the blogger?

Getting to keep the product

How else might you compensate the blogger?

pay per website click or amazon click

When would the blogger need to complete and publish the blogging assignment by?

1-2 weeks after receiving the product/item to review or email agreement to proceeded.

Assignment close date:


Bloggers’ follow-up assignment form

This assignment has now FINISHED and is CLOSED.

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