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Mariya Val Yuri

US/Canadian blogging assignment: Music Artist Feature - Ukrainian Child Star Turned Sound Designer

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In many ways Val Yuri’s story is almost a cliche and in many it is totally not. She was one of those miniature divas living between rehearsal spaces, sound checks and late night homework. By the time she was 13, she has become a household name in the post-soviet pop jazz scene with performances at Usadba Jazz Festival in front of 2000 people, Golden Liliya Festival with an audience of 12000 and Moscow’s Kremlin opening up for Take 6 in front of 4500 people.

A young teenager, she moves to New York, doubles her usual time in the studio and, when she is not in the studio, she is in and out of meetings with producers, branding advisers and choreographers. Everything was leading up to a record deal until a major label backed out at the last minute.

What felt almost like an identity crisis was actually the best thing that could have happened, giving Val Yuri the drive to black sheep the stereotype and ripe into an edge thirsty electronic producer, film scorer, composer and artist. When asked: “What format do you work in?”, she smiles and replies: “I’m in the format of experience”. Just look at her recent releases: an alternative electronic EP Katharsis, a jazzy film soundtrack Holding On and a tear-provoking cover of Celine Dion’s Color of My Love power ballad. It’s simple. She is in it to move bodies, souls and minds.

Child stars rarely succeed in growing up. But Val Yuri did.

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Looking for bloggers to write a feature or a music review, with social media links included.

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Music or Art blogs.

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USA and Canada

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Payment (Per post)

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1-2 weeks after receiving the product/item to review or email agreement to proceeded.

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15th Dec 2015

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