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US blogging assignment: ShopHack: An informational guide to shopping smart. We'll teach you how to get an employee discount for life!

Please tell us about the product or company you would like the blogger’s help with?

ShopHack helps the average consumer become an informed shopper. And not just with groceries, either. Consumer electronics, clothing, cars, you name it – having knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes always means you get to pay less than the next guy, and that’s what I want to put in this field guide. Me and a small team of my dedicated friends plan to not only gather this information, but to condense it into actionable processes that will save you the most money with the least effort. To do that, I need your help.

What is the blogging assignment?

Bloggers will post an overview of what ShopHack is and will creatively write about how it could benefit them.

What type of blogs are you looking for?

Deal Bloggers, Life and style bloggers, young, female-targeted audience

Preferred geographic location of the blogger:

USA and Canada

How might you compensate the blogger?


How else might you compensate the blogger?

Bloggers will get to receive ShopHack when it launches. They will also get featured on the ELB Blog.

When would the blogger need to complete and publish the blogging assignment by?

1-2 weeks after receiving the product/item to review or email agreement to proceeded.

Assignment close date:

5th Aug 2015

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This assignment has now FINISHED and is CLOSED.

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