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Choice of Connoisseurs available only on Amazon USA

Blogging assignment: USA based bloggers to review Granite Whiskey Stones, reusable granite cubes that lightly chill your straight spirit drink, unlocking flavours and aroma's without diluting like melting ice will.

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Choice of Connoisseurs is a new seller on We are based in Australia and sell exclusively on Amazon to USA customers. We launched in April of this year and are currently awaiting our 3rd shipment of products into LA ready for the Christmas selling season. At this stage we are looking to increase daily sales of this product and increase brand awareness before we launch and 2nd and 3rd product under the same Choice of Connoisseurs brand.

What is the blogging assignment?

USA based bloggers required to receive a free set of Choice of Connoisseurs Granite Whiskey Stones with mini tongs and velvet like storage pouch. After trialling our product we would love for you to write an honest review to be published as a blog on your site or a video blog on YouTube and/or also post to your social media platforms.

We do not require every blogger to do all of these things. If you can help us with any one of these we would love your help. Reviews on our page would also be appreciated.

Must include the disclaimer ‘I received this product for free or a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased review’ Please include a link to our product listing on Amazon and include the keywords/phrases listed here.

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