Kapow Meggings

Please tell us about the product or company you would like the blogger’s help with?

Kapow Meggings make life fun. That’s it. That’s all we do.

We launched our range of lifestyle and festival men’s leggings about a year ago and have seen a big interest in everyday guys getting more adventurous in what they wear. What tends to happen is guys will either love us or hate us, but to be honest we love the controversy, and are just happy we have a core market that we know love our product.  Even with the guys that are skeptical at first, once they see other guys wearing meggings, and once they wear a pair themselves it’s incredible the response we get – everything from ‘wow I didn’t realise how comfortable these are’, through to ‘who knew wearing meggings would give me so much more confidence to get out there and have fun, it’s incredible how many conversations are generated from wearing these things’.

We tend to find this item of clothing generates huge social engagement, it’s awesome. Whenever we post we get loads of shares, comments (both negative and positive) and likes.

What is the blogging assignment?

Our biggest problem at the moment is awareness – people don’t know we exist – so what we would love bloggers to do is to just write about us, and this can be in *almost* any context (i.e. a positive or neutral, but not a negative context).

It could be as

  • gear to wear to concerts or music festivals
  • gear to wear to the gym
  • gear for a boyfriend or friend to wear
  • a comparison piece for mens vs womens leggings
  • a giveaway competition (within reason we’re happy to give away meggings as prizes);
  • asking your audience what they think of meggings, and would they wear a pair
  • product testing within reason (we’d love to get a mix of blog types – so we wouldn’t want all of our bloggers to run product tests)

We can also offer bloggers a unique discount code available to their audience.

We’re very open to the angle a blogger might like to take, and we have a word document with more information about the Kapow brand and the market that we will share with suitable bloggers.


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